Top Ten Ways To Age Your Skin Prematurely

A simple skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle, can trump your genetics. If you are wondering the top things that cause premature aging for your skin you have started reading the right article.

1. Drink Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol effect the circulation within the human body. When you consume alcohol it cause the blood vessels to dilate which has the blood flowing closer to the surface of the skin creating the appearance of a flushed or rosy look. Alcohol is a diuretic that dehydrates the entire body which is noticeable the next morning when you wake up hungover and having that dire need for water.

2. You Smoke or Are Exposed To Secondhand Smoke For Long Periods of Time

Cigarette smoke triggers a few different things inside the body. Smoking causes deeper wrinkles, leathery skin appearance with a yellow hue to it. Smoking depletes the body of Vitamin C, which is a key anti-oxidant that helps keep your skin plump and hydrated. Cigarettes trigger a biochemical change within the body that cause an acceleration in aging. The only way to not effect you body and the cells is to completely stop to help repair what has been damaged.

3. Engage in Yo-Yo Dieting or Weight Cycling

Our body is made of skin which can be stretched and will eventually bounce back. But it will only happen the health way. Yo-Yo dieting or weight cycling are not going to help. When you are constantly gaining and losing weight and not taking care of the inside first, you are allowing your body’s skin to expand and stretch and you lose weight so quick that it doesn’t have a chance to bounce back properly. Leading to deeper stretch marks, loose skin and damage to the collagen and elastin. To help with keeping fit and a healthy complexion, just do a few exercises involving cardio and weights and you will help your body get into the shape you desire.

4. Eat Processed, Junk and Fried Foods with Simple Carbohydrates

Processed food is DEAD food. By the time it has went through that whole processing phase, it has lost all it’s important nutrients. Pay attention to your food labels. A good rule of thumb is if it is perishable it is good for you, if it is a non-perishable item, it is bad.  Eat more whole foods and grains. Keep in mind, if you eat white foods, for example, bread, rice, pasta, sweets and desserts, your body digests them quickly and turns into sugar.

5. Fail To Get Enough Sleep Each Night

You need to get about 7-9 hours of solid sleep a night to help your body regenerate and heal damaged cells. If you don’t get enough sleep you will experience a dull complexion, dark circles under your eyes and eventually those soft fine lines become more noticeable. Your body can become more stressed and when that happens, a stress hormone, cortisol is released. Cortisol breaks down collagen and you could experience inflammation as well. If you get the proper sleep you need, the body releases a human growth hormone (HGH) which repairs tissues and restores the skin cells.

6. Lack Of Sunscreen Use

Failing to use sun protection is one of most damaging things you can do to your skin. If you are not covering yourself properly, you are exposing your skin to the damaging UVA and UVB rays that cause free radical damage and also damage to your DNA. When you properly apply the necessary sunscreen, you are protection the premature aging and also preventing something as serious as skin cancer. If you are walking with an umbrella or laying under a shade tree without protection because you think you are safe, you are wrong. UVA and UVB rays can still get to your skin, you just cannot see them. Stay safe and protected.

7. Do Not Have A Daily Skin Care Routine

The importance of a daily skincare routine is as important as brushing your teeth or washing your hands. If you want to have that beautiful, youthful glow, you need to be caring for the skin you have because if you take care of it, it will help you look amazing. Just remember you need to polish, cleanse and nourish your skin to it’s true potential to see the radiance and glow you deserve.

8. Couch Potato Mentality

Next time you decide to curl up on the couch for long periods of time think about what you aren’t doing for your body. It is ok to enjoy a little downtime after a long day, but if it is a continuous thing and no exercise is involved then you may have many more issues to deal with later on. Get some moderate exercise into your daily routine. Exercise increases your circulation, blood flow which then stimulates the neurons and produces sweat. Sweat cleans the body from the inside out. The more you sweat the better you will feel and your skin will love you.

9. Stress 

The more you stress the worse things can get. Stress can play a huge role in the negative issues we have inside and outside our bodies. Stress can cause eczema, hives, rosacea and psoriasis to flare up and it also has a strong connection with acne and breakouts. When you are stressed and it doesn’t matter the amount, you throw hormones out of whack because the stress disturbs the homeostasis of the body. Try throwing a yoga class into your weekly routine or a meditation session to completely relax.

10. How You Sleep At Night

Most of us have a comfortable position that we sleep in every night. But there is only one position that is beneficial but most of use will that it is uncomfortable. If you sleep on your side you are doing damage to your cheek, jawline and neck because they are being pushed against the pillow which folds or creases the skin and over time it could be something permanent. If you sleep face down on your stomach you are creating those wrinkles on the forehead. The best position is laying on your back because your body is getting the proper oxygen it needs and there is no pressure on the face. Just be cautious of your sleep patterns and pay close attention to the changes in your skin and make sure to find the necessary solutions to help heal and repair.

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