PRODUCT TUTORIAL - The Berry Buffing Masque

Hello there,

Let's talk about our Berry Buffing Masque and all it's amazing benefits!

First, we get a lot of questions about how-to-use this masque and what is the best time to do it. Let's talk about it! You ready?

Ok first, I want you to grab your favourite beverage, your Berry Buffing Masque (if you don't have one yet, here is where you can grab yours) and relax and follow along!

We are going to start with a fresh, clean face. Make sure to pat your skin dry.

STEP #1: Apply a thin layer to your skin. Make sure to apply to all areas of concern and evenly. Avoid your eyes and lips. You will notice a slight cooling, tingling sensation, but that is normal! That is the Glycolic Acid working it's magic and chemically and safely exfoliating your skin as your masque is setting.

I personally like to focus on putting a little more on and around my nose, as I tend to get blackheads and this helps masque helps when I do my extractions.

If you are acne-prone and//or are dealing with an active breakout, I would recommend taking your time with a layer on your skin. You may experience a little more of a tingling sensations, however it is safe and we actually recommend this masque for acne-prone/blemished skin.

After you apply the masque, we recommend letting your masque set for 30 minutes. We usually recommend meditating, yoga, squats, dancing (because let's be honest, there is nothing more fun than just letting loose and dancing like no one is watching - and if you have an audience, we recommend documenting it so we can share it!)

30 Minutes Later

STEP #2: But how will I know when to remove it? Great question! You will know when to remove it when the masque is no longer bright white. Your masque will actually turn opaque and it will actually look like you only have cranberry fibres all over your face! 

(Note to self: If you have spots that are still white, like I have in the photo, not to worry - it will not make a difference for the next step. Just as long as you gave it 30 minutes to work it's magic, then you are golden!)


STEP #3: Now it is time to "buff" it off! ARE YOU READY? This is the fun part! Once you are ready and we recommend you doing this over your bathroom sink, because it is a little on the messy side!
Make sure to wash your hands before starting the buffing!
Take both hands and rub your skin and rub the masque off without water! Make sure you are using dry hands and just rub! This will work as your manual exfoliation and the masque should come off in pieces like what is in the picture.
STEP #4: Now that you have removed all the masque, you may still have a little masque residue on your skin, but DO NOT use a cleanser to wash your skin! You will remove all the benefits of the masque if you do this! What we recommend in take cool water and massage it into your skin until there is no white residue left on your skin and only pat your skin dry. DO NOT RUB DRY!
Once your skin is dry, apply a layer of our Dose of C Serum and finish with our Dew Drops Serum/Restore Treatment Oil.
Now you are fresh faced and glowing!
We recommend using our Berry Buffing Masque 2-3x a week! It will help you get that glowing skin you deserve, help your products absorb better and also help with your cell turnover. 
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DID YOU KNOW: If you have purchased our Halt & Reverse Masque previously, this masque is the equivalent and acts the exact same way! So when it comes time to replace your Halt & Reverse Masque, replenish with this one!
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Have you experienced our Berry Buffing Masque? Leave your comments below and get in on the conversation!
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