How to Brighten Dull Looking Skin

If your skin looks lackluster or sallow, it's time to boost radiance with botanical plant-based skincare. Contributing factors to dull-looking skin are dehydration and an ineffective skincare routine. First things first, what is dull skin? Dull looking skin is commonly characterized as skin that appears flat and lacks radiance.

What causes dull-looking skin?

  • The environment around us can be a contributing factor to a poor complexion. If you are constantly feeling stressed, lacking rest, and not getting proper nutrition, this can cause the skin to have a dull-looking appearance. The best advice from our skin professionals is to try and make time for self-care every single day.
  • When our skin is dehydrated, it often appears dry, lusterless, and even causes imperfections to appear more visible. Drink more water and use a hydrating night cream!
  • Too much time in the sun is a contributing factor to losing a radiant appearance. Protecting your skin from the sun and wearing SPF every day will keep your skin supple and happy! Use a natural self-tanner instead of soaking up those rays. In addition to SPF, dull looking skin can use an extra boost. Use an antioxidant serum daily for a dewy glow (Glow Naked Facial Oil, $41.99)

        How do you brighten dull looking skin?

        Using a balanced skincare routine for your skin type is an essential step to achieving a bright and dewy complexion.

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